Sunday, September 25, 2011

OPI Spa Mani

Wow wow wow! What are all these O.P.I products?
Hang on tight as The Nail Status explains and amazes you!

All of these are O.P.I's delicate range of spa manicure products The Nail Status uses. It Exfoliate, Revitalize, Renew and Protect your delicate pair of hands! Four precise steps of ERRP to beautiful and younger looking hands! 

Here we go!

First of all, we begin the spa manicure session by applying anti-aging hand serum called the
Rejuvenating Serum that is enriched with grape seeds and licorice extracts.

Benefits: This professional treatment infuses skin with natural lightening ingredients to diminish age spots. Nourishes skin with Vitamins A, C and E!
Grape seeds known for its powerful antioxidant protection!
Step: Applies Rejuvenating Serum in the back of both hands. Apply Avoplex Exfoliating Cuticle Treatment to push cuticles and clean nail plates. Remove residue and buff nail surfaces.

Secondly, your hands will be soak in Effervescent Soak so as to dissolve the scrub.

Benefits: Brighten nails and revitalizes hands! Nutrient-rich minerals helps purifies skin, leaving hands feeling refreshed! Nurtures, soothe and hydrate overworked skin!
Step: Soak hands in Effervescent soak so as to soften more stubborn cuticles.

*TNS adds in classic manicure in this step AFTER soaking your hands.

It includes cutting, shaping, trimming and pushing of cuticles and buffing of nails. We will top it off with applying avoplex cuticle oil INSTEAD of the in-house salon cuticle oil on your fingers.

Thirdly, we will scrub your hands using the 
Skin Renewal Scrub.

Benefits: Ultra-fine dissolving sugar crystals gently exfoliate away dryness and dull-looking skin, leaving your hands smooth and healthy glowing!
Step: Gentle massage with Skin Renewal Scrub

Lastly, we finished off by moisturizing your hands with the Finishing Butter *with SPF 15, a skin massage. 

Benefits: Envelopes skin in a protective layer of silky emollients to combat dryness.! SPF 15 prevents damaging effects of the sun. As a result, encourages the results of youthful-looking skin!
Step: Massage with Finishing Butter.

Last but not least!!!
We apply the nail colour of your choice!

For your information, TNS uses O.P.I base coat and SECHE(award winning top coat) quick dry for all customers at NO EXTRA CHARGE!
Again?! NO EXTRA CHARGE $$$!!!

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Sounds really juicy by just reading this post?
Not enough!
Come down to The Nail Status to experience it yourself! Welcome down! :)