Saturday, September 17, 2011

We love GELISH!

Many of our customers and interested passers-by have been asking us what GELISH nails are and what is the difference between the normal nail polish?

The Nail Status answers...

It is actually similar to the regular nail polish, but the MAIN difference is that it lasts for up to three weeks with no chipping or fading of your nails. It is not just using the nail polish remover with cotton wools when removing gelish. In fact, we will need to buff the surface of the gel to rough it up, soak off the gelish and finally using a nail pusher tool to scrape it clean.

When we apply the normal nail polish, we usually have it painted with the base coat and then the colour polish that customers want. Gelish, however, includes many steps of applying different layers of coating. First is "Ph Bond" (dehydrates your nails), second is "Foundation Gel", third will be the "Colour" of the gelish that customers like and lastly it will be the "Top Coat". This is also why gelish can last up to 3 weeks with minimal chipping or fading of nails! The Nail Status is using all of these coatings from Harmony.

"Gelish is UV nail gel that is applied in several steps, requiring either a 36 watt UV or LED lamp to cure the gel."

Many must be wondering how much damages/negative effects etc will it have? Fret not, gelish can be applied on to your natural nails, without causing the damage of your nails due to acrylics. It is healthier and less damaging compared to the normal nail polish! That's why people love it! Who doesn't want healthy and good-looking nails at the same time right? :)

The above is the Gelish brand that we are carrying! It is from the States and the brand is Harmony. Most of you should be familiar with this woman here:

SHE CAN BE SEEN AT MOST MANICURE SHOPS! Yup, this is the poster of Harmony's gelish colours.

How can I not mention something really IMPORTANT?
Gelish takes only 10 MINUTES to dry when placing your nails in the UV/LED lamp!
10 MINUTES! I bet many of you have gone through the painful waiting time to dry your nails! Look, gelish takes only 10 MINUTES to completely dry up!

So many advantages and benefits right?

Now for the disadvantages...
Gelish costs more than the normal nail polish. Troubled? No worries!

Having customers' welfare in heart, The Nail Status is pricing:

Mani gelish at $50
Pedi gelish at $55

On top of that, members can get 15% off for gelish prices!

Not tempting enough? Well, TNS includes classic manicure and pedicure for you in every gelish session you do! Yes! Only at The Nail Status! Mani gelish ($50) includes classic manicure and the same goes for pedi gelish ($55)! So what are you waiting for?

Hurry up to our shop now! Call 68362005 for appointment!

Click here to view our very own amazing gelish designs! :)