Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DIY Serum + Exfoliating Scrub

I mentioned this on The Nail Status Facebook previously about this homemade serum I wanted to try out before sharing it with you. 

I have been following this YouTube beauty and makeup guru for quite sometime and decided to try out this homemade serum she has introduced. So I went to research on the ingredient (yes, only one!). It is proven that it betters skin tone and is apparently the queen of moisturising agent! 

For those who watch Taiwanese info-tainment variety 女人我最大 and heard of 牛兒老師 (guru for skin care), he has recently launched his own line of skin care products and one of his range promotes this ingredient! Of course with all commercialised products, there's bound to be other stuff inside to complement it and definitely preservatives so that the product can last. 

Without further a-do, let me present to you the video to this DIY serum!

My verdict: 
1. When the water/soup/serum is still hot in the pot, the texture may appear to still be watery, it will turn thicker once cooled. 
2. Thumbs and toes up for the "scrub". I thought Cure's exfoliating scrub is good but this is even better! Especially because you don't have to worry about over scrubbing! I swear by this scrub now. :)
3. The serum kinda stinks on its own, so I usually add a little green tea powder to cover the smell. :P (green tea is good for detoxing!)
4. I brought this (serum + scrub) overseas recently and the place I went to was cold (cold weather = dry) I used this together with toner and an additional light moisturiser and amazingly its sufficient!
5. I noticed brighter more even skin tone after 2 weeks!
6. Although this is all natural, please still do a skin test to see if you may be allergic!

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