Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Nail Status Cottage- FULL COVER!

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Setting up our new shop during the month of March and after a hectic week...

It is all worthwhile!

What is the main difference between...
QNS: The Nail Status Cottage (white shop) VS The Nail Status (black shop)?

ANS: Well, the white shop applies a different concept compare to the black shop as we have wider range of SPA series while the black shop only carries OPI SPA! In addition, the white shop focuses more on full services like classic mani/pedi, gelish and hard gel nails and such. On the other hand, the black shop provides short services such as quick mani/pedi and painting of nails.

SPA series available at white shop:
-OPI (Mani & Pedi)
-Creative Ice Age Spa (Pedi)
-Raw Earth Spa (Pedi)
-Illuminating Citrus Anti-Aging Hand Spa (Mani)
-Hydrating Almond Hand Spa *Ultra moisturing! (Mani)

We have many students as our customers! 
Like the previous answer, we do not provide nail painting service ($3) at the white shop. We are really sorry about that! However, we warmly welcome full services and still provide 10% discount for students at both the white and black shop! Most importantly, do remember to bring along your student card and show it to us! :)

How can we miss out... PRICES?
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Hand Services

Feet Services

Nail Extensions

Toe Extensions

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