Thursday, November 17, 2011


N levels ended?
O levels ended?
PSLE ended?
The Nail Status hopes all of you students are enjoying your holidays now!
Feeling free from exams can't get any better right?

Yes! To most of the N/O levels candidates, are you troubling over something else right now?
Are you all fretting over what to wear and what to do for your manicure on that night?
We are here to save you!
Dolling yourself with the lowest cost estimation as possible provided for you! After all, it is only one night and you don't really wish to spend a lot on prom right?
Like we always say, DO NOT WORRY AS WE ARE HERE TO SAVE YOUR DAY! SO SMILE! :) :) :)

We are offering quick/express mani and pedi at the above price stated! On top of that, there will be no additional charges for applying OPI base coat and SECHE top coat! We always apply top and base coat for our customers for FREE! Yes, no matter what service. Even if it is just nail painting! Curious about what is included in quick/express mani or pedi? Click here to have your questions solved!

Nails are too short now because of the exams period?
We are most willing to help you extent your nails at only $80 with glitter gel on! :)

For more information or enquiries, you may want to ask us through our Formspring placed on the right hand side column of this blog! --->
The Nail Status thanks every single customer of ours for your support!
Without YOU, there won't be us, The Nail Status! :)

Xoxo, TNS!