Saturday, February 25, 2012


Presenting the OLD and NEW "TNS"!

Our "before" and "after" renovation of the "black shop" AKA The Nail Status!

After a week of waiting, packing and renovating...

A whole new look now! No longer "black" but a feeling of reminisce of the past! :)

Perllin packing nail polish up on to the racks!

Christine & Jony tidying our nail accessories!

These nail polishes on this rack are meant for sale to our customers! :)

Our pedicure area!

Many fabulous colours for our customers to choose from!

Wow wow wow! Did we managed to "wow' you with our fabulous new look?
Give us your opinion and comment simply by patronizing our shop! ;)
We look forward to serve you at The Nail Status!
Call 68362002 for appointment! :)

Lots of xoxo,
TNS! Mwahhh!